Mulitmedia Madam, Intuitive Design for a New Millenium, CD artwork.
Also Posters, Cards, DVD editing, Music Clips

Climate Change Solutions Centre SEALE-HAYNE
"How-To" centre for climate change adaptation and mitigation.
Our focus is to convert research into action to deliver
trusted information and real solutions for a more sustainable future.

Endless Design
Paul Guess at Endless Design. Mulitmedia Genius, Creative Spar, Design Guru. Posters, Prints, Cards, Kabalah

Mark Peberdy
Designer, Film maker, Cameramen, Final Cut Tutor, "Multimedia WonderBoy, boldly going where others only dare!"

Lucy Lepchani
Copywriter, Educator, Poet, Artist Support, Performer, Creative Maelstrom

Avis Murray Designs
Ceramics, Scuplture, Painting and Jewellery

Petra Tilly Design
Ceramics, Scuplture, Painting and Prints

Premgit Photography
Black and White Prints of Dartmoor, India, Burma, and more

New Music Reviews
Music Reviews New Age, World, Pop, Rock, Folk and Classical
by Kinski and Kaufman- Kindred Spirit Magazine Reviewers

Art Directory and links for Artists, Dance, Literature, Movies, Music, Painting,
Photography, Theatre and more

SILVERAVEN Clive Buckland-Bork
Website design and marketing, as well album reviews


Natural Health Show

Daughters of Gaia
Witchy pagan dance music with celtic and native influences

SPIRIT VISIONS Barbara Meiklejohn Free
Workshops, Performances, Readings and Shop

Workshops, Concerts, Courses, ChildrensCDs and Chant Albums

Debbie Starling
Thought provoking devotional music

BLISSFUL RECORDS Lucinda Drayton and Andrew Blissett
Albums, Meditation,DVD'S, Concerts

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