The Story of the extra “A”
I first got the nickname Joyaa on arriving in the UK, when two people in the same day misheard me say Victoria and I thought humm?
So I went to my first Glastonbury Festival 1993 and called myself Joyaa for a laugh, it was there I met another Joya (my first)
who had just broken up with someone and was quite depressed and I wasn’t sure about this name.
But as it turned out it was lots of fun and it suited my Aussie freshness in at times a drab landscape.
Anyway 14yrs on (2x 7yrs itch) I wanted to mark a change. First we are leaving the UK heading south to the sun (Spain);
Second, I wanted more of a band or project name, as the solo artist is now a definite team with Gavin.
So we looked at different band names bought a couple of useless websites and ended up back at Joyaa,
and it was a myspace mix up that gave us JOYAAA.
So again, hummmm, interesting because giving up the name Joyaa as we head to the land where the name comes from (meaning Jewel)
felt weird or sad.
And third, the third "A" looks less of a persons' name and more like a band or act
And now with our daughter, we are now three.
Numerological it changes things from inner reflection to outer manifestation that is mirrored in our journey
(from a 7 to 8).
So as Joyaa I’d like to say thanks for a great ride and raise a bubbly glass to JOYAAA
My team, my family, my future!

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